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    Wood has warmth.  It brings substance to a home, much like a plant or a painting.  An old rocker by the wood stove.  The wide pine floor in your bedroom.  An ash spindle here; a pegged oak tenon there.  The very act of choosing a species becomes a creative process, an exploration of color and grain, form and function.  You can stare into a piece of wood, as you might a landscape.  A subtle glance sparks a bit of wonder in your day.

     I find a pleasant balance in working with wood.  It engages the mind and hands equally.  It’s always a stimulating process, beginning with rough boards that often still reflect the form of a tree. A design jumps back and forth from paper to plank through the act of machining, hand shaping and finally finishing, bringing the whole piece to life. 

     I like woodwork to be solid and elegant; not too adorned, but with gentle details.  Proportion is important.  Lines interplay with weight.  A light touch and thoughtful approach often lead to the most pleasing results.  I try to keep my work diverse and fresh.  Each project is different; a blend of ideas between craftsman and client.  A design may be driven by a budget or by the batch of wood at hand. Perhaps the setting of a home begs for a certain touch.  It should be a creative process for all parties involved.  While I’m most content designing my own work directly with clients, I’m happy to work with other designers and architects.  Larger projects with a unified aesthetic can be a rewarding collaboration. 

     Working local keeps life simple, but I’ll chase a job most anywhere.  I’ve worked all over the state and as far as New York.  I think my work sits well in coastal Maine, but the challenge of new settings and communities stirs up my fire for travel.  Urban or rural, the coast or the mountains.  Many factors etch their way into the creative process. 

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